Cocktails Selection

Laksa Bellini – Laksa Leave, Ginger, Chili w. House Infused Bacardi Topped w. Bubbles…22

Mixed Berries Bellini – Mixed Berries Muddled w. Gula Melaka & Chambord Liqueur,  Topped w. Bubbles…22

Telaga Bellini – Fresh Lemongrass & Ginger Muddled w. Absolute & Lychee Liqueur, Topped w. Bubbles…22

Classic Caprihna w. Fresh Lime, Palm Sugar & Cachaca…16

Lemongrass & Lychee Caprihna w. Fresh Lemongrass Muddled w. Fresh Lime, Lychee & Palm Sugar & Topped w. Crushed Ice, Lychee Liqueur & Cachaca…18

Classic Mojito w. Mint, Lime, Palm Sugar & Bacardi…16     

Laksa Mojito w. Laksa Leave, Mint, Lime, Palm Sugar & House Infused Bacardi…18

Dry Monkey Martini w. A Swirl of Dry Vermouth & Monkey 47 Gin…48                                                                                                         

Dry Martini w. A Swirl of Dry Vermouth & Gordon’s Gin...16                                                                                                        

Lychee Martini w. Lychee Liquor, Lychee’s & Absolute...16

Frozen Daiquiri; w. Bacardi & Triple Sec Blended w. Your Choice of Mango, Lime  or Mixed Berries…18

Margarita w. Jose Cuervo Tequila, Cointreau & Lime w. Salt Rim…16

Goose Vodkatini w. A Swirl of Dry Vermouth & Grey Goose Vodka…28

Singapore Sling w. Gin, Cherry Brandy, Dom Benedictine, Cointreau & Fresh Lemon Juice

w. a Drop Of Bitters…18

Mai Tai w. Myers, Bacardi, Triple Sec, Apricot Brandy & Fresh Juices w. Grenadine…18                                                                                 

Toblerone w. Baileys, Kahlua, Frangelico, Honey, Cream & Chocolate Sauce…18


Non Alcoholic cocktails       


Red Kebaya w. Fresh Watermelon, Mint & Lime Muddled & Crowned w. Ginger Beer…14

Citrus Palm Punch w. Lime & Orange Muddled w. Palm Sugar Topped w. Ginger Ale…14

Purple Sari w. Mixed Berries & Lychee Muddled w. Gula Melaka Topped w. Soda…14

Lassi – Choice of Mango or Mixed Berries Blended w. Yoghurt & Fresh Milk…15